A Canadian judge ruled Friday that protesters at the Ambassador Bridge over the U.S.-Canadian border must end the 5-day-old blockade that has disrupted the flow of goods between the two countries and forced the auto industry on both sides to roll back production.

Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz of the Ontario Superior Court said during a virtual hearing that the order would be effective at 7 p.m. to give protesters time to leave.

“If you join the protest because you’re tired of COVID, you now need to understand you are breaking laws,” Trudeau said Friday. “You don’t want to end up losing your license, end up with a criminal record which will impact your job, your livelihood.”


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Truckers may try to disrupt Super Bowl and the State of the Union, DHS memo says

The Department of Homeland Security says it has received reports that truck drivers who are protesting vaccine mandates will block roads in major cities in the coming weeks. The protests could potentially affect the Super Bowl in Los Angeles on Sunday and the State of the Union address in Washington, D.C., on March 1, according to an internal memo from DHS obtained by NPR.

The memo, which went out on Tuesday, was issued by the department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Current and Emerging Threats Center.

The memo, which went out on Tuesday, was issued by the department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Current and Emerging Threats Center. The memo says there are currently no threats of violence, but the protest has the potential to “severely disrupt” traffic, emergency routes and federal government operations.

The group of truckers plans to start the protest in California and make its way across the U.S. to Washington, D.C., with more truckers joining along the way, the memo says. “DHS is tracking reports of a potential convoy that may be planning to travel to several U.S. cities,” a department spokesperson told NPR. “We have not observed specific calls for violence within the United States associated with this convoy and are working closely with our federal, state and local partners to continuously assess the threat environment and keep our communities safe.”

A line of trucks waits for the road to the Ambassador Bridge border crossing in Windsor, Ontario to reopen February 8, 2022, after protesters blocked the road Monday night.

Doug Ford declares state of emergency over trucker protests

Canadian police moved in Saturday morning to clear protesters at an economically vital bridge in Windsor, Ontario, that connects Canada and the United States and is an important conduit for the supply chains of the global automobile industry.

A group of police officers wearing heavy jackets but not wielding shields or other riot gear, was standing in a line on Saturday morning, and was cautiously and progressively edging closer to the protesters. Officers told protesters that they risked arrest if they failed to clear the area.

They were reinforced by a second group of officers wearing military garb. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the national broadcaster, showed what appeared to be an armored personnel carrier at the scene. The officers were from the Windsor Police Service as well as The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s national police force.

More than a dozen pick up trucks and cars still blocked the bridge as of 11:30 a.m., with trucks revving their engines. Police officers, in a line formation, herded remaining protesters away from the intersection closest to the bridge, pushing them on to other streets.

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Protestors on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on Saturday.