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Was it really about the Lil Wayne Concert

There to support Shedeur as a rapper as a rapper? Support Shedeur as a football player I can see but as a rapper on stage some may not listen to rap music but forced to not a good look.

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders reportedly caused some of his players to quit because of a strange rule he implemented regarding rapper Lil Wayne.

In April, Lil Wayne performed a concert during the Buffaloes’ Spring Game weekend. The beloved rapper is a close friend of Deion Sanders, who’s entering his second season as the head football coach in Boulder.

According to a report from Athlon Sports, “Prime Time” made the Lil Wayne concert mandatory for his players. The outlet heard from several Colorado players that the Pro Football Hall of Famer even “threatened to dismiss anyone who skipped out.”

Here’s what one source told Athlon Sports:

“The Wayne concert was the final straw for a few players who hit the transfer portal. When Coach Prime told us we all had to be there to support Shedeur as a rapper, they were not happy at all. To be honest, it was nothing, but a huge distraction and Daddy Ball was being played.

Deion Sanders’ son, Shedeur Sanders, performed his “Perfect Timing” single at the concert with Lil Wayne. Close to three dozen players have left the Buffaloes’ program via the transfer portal this offseason

The 22-year-old son of Coach Prime and Colorado quarterback released his first-ever rap song, “Perfect Timing,” on streaming platforms Tuesday. It was as expected from Sanders– a two-minute rant about the life of the nation’s top passer– luxury cars, cash, jewelry, his watch, and autograph signings. 

“They told me bust down my AP Perfect Timing,” as he opened the song. It’s a reference to Sanders’ flashing his Audemars Piguet watch or doing “The Shedeur,” for lack of a better explanation. 

Sanders will return to Colorado for his ‘Swan Song’ and is projected to be one of the top picks in the 2025 NFL Draft.

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