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Former Cowboys Player Michael Irvin Calls Rapper Son A ‘Poser

Yikes! Former Dallas Cowboys player Michael Irvin is exposing his rapper son and calling him a “poser!” He also reminded him about his upbringing and said, “You grew up in a gated community your whole life.”

On the latest episode of Skip Bayless‘ FS1 show ‘Undisputed,’ Dallas Cowboys legend and Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin was speaking with Bayless about controversial NBA player Ja Morant, who has seemingly been wasting away his talent by getting into back-to-back legal trouble with guns and slapping the faces of those who have believed in and supported him as he made his way to the NBA.

In a clip going viral from the ‘Undisputed‘ episode, Michael Irvin says, “I got a son. He raps. His rap name is Tut Tarantino.” He added, “If you ever listen to some of his raps. I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ Where does this come from, son? You grew up in a gated community your whole life. But he’s rapping my life. Because we romanticize and fantasize about that old ‘thug life,’ ‘ghetto life,’ and all of that stuff. When we used to work to get away from. Now, we’ve gotten to a place somehow where we’re running back towards it. In the music, in everything.”

Russell Wilson Donates $1 Million To Denver, Colorado Community

*Russell Wilson, his Why Not You Foundation, and CommonSpirit Health joined forces like Power Rangers (an old-school reference for you youngins,’ y’all know nothing about that) to donate $1 million to the Denver, Colorado community. Together, they dispersed $100,000 to ten organizations positively impacting “health equity, education, food security, social justice, and [providing] support for children and youth.” Russell’s social media manager captured his charitable action with his wife, Ciara, in tow, lending her support and showing off her growing baby bump. (Looks over yonder through the innanets at Future). Check out the beautiful clip below. (Looks again at an imaginary Future, smiles.



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Deion Sanders says lockers will be cleaned out if players don’t return on time

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24/7 whole homeprotection.

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Hands Down the Top Card of 2023

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