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Black Chicago Activists Blast Mayor Brandon Johnson for “Replacing” Them With Migrants

The Chicago City Council convened a special meeting, sparking controversy as accusations flew regarding the prioritization of migrants over the city’s Black community and homeless veterans. 

The session discussed whether residents should vote on a referendum regarding Chicago’s sanctuary status. However, it ended abruptly without considering the resolution, prompting discontent among council members and residents alike.

During the public comment session, Chicago native Lauren Lawrence expressed her concerns, criticizing Mayor Brandon Johnson and the council for what she perceived as neglect of the city’s Black neighborhoods and homeless veterans. Lawrence highlighted the stark disparity in attention and resources, expressing dismay at the influx of migrants from the southern border and the perceived lack of support for longstanding community issues.

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Lawrence’s remarks reflected the frustrations felt by many residents, who feel marginalized and overlooked amidst the city’s focus on immigration-related matters. She questioned the fairness of prioritizing migrants who entered the country illegally over lawful residents, particularly veterans and the homeless, who continue to face neglect and inadequate support.

‘Disgusting’: MLK monument vandalized in Denver Park during Black History Month

A monument honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., created by the nation’s first African American NASA astronaut candidate, was vandalized in a Denver Park this week by perpetrators who pried off a large bronze plaque and other pieces from the statue’s pedestal, authorities said.

The damage to the “I Have a Dream” monument in City Park occurred in the middle of Black History Month and was discovered Wednesday morning by a concerned citizen, according to Vern Howard, chairman of the Martin Luther King Jr. Colorado Holiday Commission.

Howard, who was the project manager on the monument, told ABC News Thursday he suspects the vandalism and theft was a “coordinated effort,” saying the largest piece taken from the monument was too heavy to have been carried off by a single individual.

He said that while some people he has spoken to about the incident believe the parts were taken to be sold on the black market, he suspects the crime was racially motivated.

“I believe that it was more sinister than what may meet the eye,” said Howard.

Howard said Denver is full of bronze art, including five other bronze statues in City Park that would have been easier to steal.

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