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Migrants desperately digging through trash bins for food as they live out of buses in Chicago

Hundreds of migrants in Chicago are living in buses — with some desperately digging through trash bins for food — as the Windy City’s shelter system groans under an onslaught of asylum seekers.

With an estimated 34,000 migrants arriving in Chicago in the past 16 months — and buses packed with fresh arrivals continuing to roll in on a regular basis — the city had initially turned to its police precincts to help house the throngs.

But Chicago officials put the kibosh on the stopgap measure in December, and with the city’s 27 designated shelter buildings still stretched to capacity, authorities have been forced to find other housing options while migrants scrounge for the bare necessities.

Eight so-called “warming buses” were added to its West Loop last month to try to ease some of the load, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Creature comforts have been in short supply in the cramped buses as the city struggles to provide even basic necessities such as food and on-site shower facilities. Most of the migrants, including families, have had to subsist on little more than packets of oatmeal and Nutri-Grain bars doled out by volunteers, the report said.

“If you’re not given food, you go to extreme measures,” Robinson Mendez, 30, of Venezuela told the outlet.

Denver homeless, migrants brace for cold weather weekend by seeking shelter

As temperatures dip to frigid and dangerous levels throughout the Denver metro area, those who are most vulnerable to the cold are feeling grateful they will have someplace to keep warm this weekend.  

“I do have a tent, and I’m very efficient,” said Michele Bell. “So, when it’s warm enough, I go outside and sleep.”

Michele Bell is used to braving frigid temperatures, after six months of living on the streets. 

“It was mighty cold. Made me want to cry, but I was still alive,” said Bell. 

Texas National Guard Takes Control of Popular Migrant-Crossing Site, Bars Federal Border Patrol Agents from Area


Michael Jordan misses Ring of Honor ceremony with Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan won’t be at one of the most important events in Chicago Bulls history.

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in Chicago Bulls history after leading the franchise to six titles in the NBA. It was an amazing run alongside players such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Toni Kukoc and Steve Kerr.

Of course, all this happened in two different stages (1991-1993 and 1996-1998) with a Hall of Fame head coach like Phil Jackson. However, the Bulls had no Ring of Honor to recognize these incredible achievements.

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RTD board director resigns due to terminal illness, leaving Denver mayor to pick replacement

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