As the death toll from Hurricane Ian grows, a new threat has emerged, with rivers across hard-hit Florida continuing to rise, swollen with rainwater dumped by the storm. After sweeping parts of the Carolinas and Virginia with heavy rain on Saturday, a weakened Ian is expected to produce smaller amounts of precipitation in parts of West Virginia and Maryland into Sunday morning.

The latest:

  • Many people across Florida remain without clean drinking water, or their taps have run dry, after water systems across the state were polluted or failed in the storm’s wake. Officials warned that rain-drenched rivers could flood inland locations in the coming days.
  • The sheriff of Lee County in Florida said on Saturday that about 35 people there had been killed. At least a dozen deaths in other counties have been attributed to Ian, but with investigations continuing, no official statewide toll has been released.
  • The governor of South Carolina said on Saturday that his state had escaped significant damage after Ian made landfall there on Friday.
  • About 1 million customers in Florida, 64,000 in North Carolina and 18,000 in Virginia remained without power.

WASHINGTON — President Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden, will travel to Puerto Rico on Monday to survey damage to the island from Hurricane Fiona and will go on Wednesday to Florida, where Hurricane Ian left parts of the state in ruins, the White House announced on Saturday night.

White House officials did not provide details of the president’s visits to the sites of the two natural disasters. But Mr. Biden had said in the past several days that he expected to travel to both places to reassure residents that the federal government will help in their recoveries. More than 3,500 residences are still cut off in DeSoto County, north of Fort Myers, where the Peace River, which bisects the county, overflowed. On Saturday, county emergency management officials and members of the National Guard delivered water and M.R.E.s to the inaccessible areas.



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Hurricane Ian again a Category 1 storm

Deadly Hurricane Ian was again upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane Thursday afternoon after it moved off Florida’s East Coast by 11 a.m. into the Atlantic bound for the Carolinas, leaving record amounts of rain and “catastrophic flooding” to the Central Florida region.

Rising floodwaters led to home rescues and stranded vehicles across Central Florida, and the area’s first fatalities were reported in Lake and Volusia while the statewide toll has yet to be determined after the hurricane’s storm surge devastated the Gulf Coast.

President Joe Biden on Thursday said “our entire country hurts” along with the people of Florida after Hurricane Ian flooded communities across the state, knocking out electrical power and forcing people into shelters.

Biden said he would visit Florida and meet with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis when “conditions allow.”

Biden declared a major disaster for the state and Gov. Ron DeSantis gave an update from the state Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee this morning.

“You’re looking at a storm that’s changed the character of a significant part of our state, and this is going to require, not just the emergency response now, and the days or weeks ahead, I mean this is going to require years of effort, to be able to rebuild, to come back,” he said.

In the National Hurricane Center’s11 p.m. update, the system’s center was located 185 miles south of Charleston, S.C. moving north-northeast at 10 mph with 80 mph sustained winds and higher gusts. The system had dropped in strength to 65 mph at 5 a.m. but is regained hurricane status as it moves further out over open water in the Atlantic. The system as maintained its tropical-storm-force winds extending out 45 miles and is expected to make another landfall farther up the U.S. East Coast.