Michael G. Richards Stepped Down

Michael G. Richards Stepped Down

Michael G. Richards is an American television producer, game show host, and television personality. Richards became executive producer of the American television game show Jeopardy! in 2020.

Mike Richards strategized for years to become the host of an iconic TV game show. But he lasted as the host of “Jeopardy!” for just one taping day. The producer-turned-host who positioned himself as Alex Trebek’s rightful heir said Friday he has “stepped down,” citing the controversy over “past incidents and comments.”

The stunning announcement came two days after The Ringer website exposed a litany of offensive comments in Richards’ past.

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Now the beloved game show is reverting to guest hosts for the time being. But Sony, which runs the show, says Richards will remain the executive producer — a half-step that has some “Jeopardy!” superfans concerned about the future of the franchise.

Throughout the podcast’s 41-episode run, from which the outlet recorded and published a series of audio clips, Richards made multiple inappropriate comments about women, including calling his podcast co-host and former assistant Beth Triffon a “booth ho” and a “booth slut” when discussing her work as a model at the CES

The safest answer is: Yes. There is a very strong derogatory flavor often associated with the noun-as-adjective. According to this article from The Age: To say something is “old school” has become a pejorative

The weeks-long “Jeopardy” controversy has become a black eye for Sony and a frustrating sideshow for the local TV stations that depend on the competition’s high ratings. During the decades that Trebek led the game show, the drama was almost entirely on-screen. But this summer it has played out off-screen, on social networks and message boards and entertainment websites. Sony’s decision to cast Richards as host roiled the “Jeopardy!” fan community

y. He was still a relatively newcomer to the “Jeopardy” executive producer job and the perception was that he hired himself as host. The reality was more complicated: Numerous Sony executives were involved and the ultimate decision-maker was Tony Vinciquerra, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. But Richards was involved from the very beginning when “Jeopardy!” planned a season of guest hosts in the wake of Trebek’s death last November. To viewers it appeared to be a tryout process — and Richards, who previously hosted game shows on GSN, was the second person to fill in, right after “Jeopardy!” genius and Trebek friend Ken Jennings.


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