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Susan Aquila The Goddess of Metal and Classical Rock

Susan Aquila is a remarkable artist who has earned acclaim in both pop and classical music circles. She is the Goddess of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Queen of the Electric Violin, as well as a vocalist. Her electrifying performances have mesmerized audiences worldwide. Based in New York, Susan Aquila has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music. She played at the “Last Play at Shea” with Billy Joel and has supported artists such as Paul McCartney, Josh Groban, Steven Tyler, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Roger Daltrey, Elton John and Whitney Houston, among others.

The Goddess of Metal and Classical Rock

The Interview

The Goddess of Metal and Classical Rock

Teflon Taylor: Indeed, indeed Having a little technical difficulty You in tune to the Focus TV One Network Focuz the magazine live with your man Teflon the creator Taylor sponsored by Healthy Lifestyle Fitness  Get fit the right way, mind, body , and soul Also sponsored by Raw Punk Production the music production company ahead of time Powered by Focuz .media Live in the building After the technical difficulty, though we got it We got it We got it right Live in the building out of Long Island NYC the goddess of metal and classic music Susan Aquila Why don’t you say hello to the people

Susan: Hello

Teflon: All right, all right We was having a little technical difficulty, but we were going to make it happen We wasn’t going to let the technical part affect us in any kind of way Most definitely, most definitely So how’s it going?

Susan: Good, everything’s going well. How are things by you?

Teflon: Oh, we’re maintaining, you know, making it happen, you know, trying to make it happen at least.

Susan: Great Great I’m happy to be here.

Teflon: Most definitely it’s a pleasure to have you. So, let’s get on started now, since we kind of got a little delay Let’s start at the beginning The Goddess of Metal and Classical Rock By, you know, that name that’s a real unique name by gaining that title So starting with the violin, Let’s start off with the violin So starting with the violin let’s start off with the violin Of all instruments, why was it the violin that you choose to play?

Susan That was the one that was kind of presented to me because when I was little in the schools, they give you an instrument to play and I was just given a violin I’m not sure what I would have chosen if I had a choice, but that’s what they gave. me and I ran with it. So, it started at a young age is that correct Yeah, third grade so I think that’s seven years old, so did you play the violin throughout school, is that correct Yeah, yeah, definitely So how did you keep the passion of playing the violin? You know, plans change minds change as we grow. Yeah, that’s a really good question. The passion never left. It never waned. I wanted to play music and that was my opportunity, So I stuck with it. For full interview follow YouTube below.

Teflon Taylor sets down with violinist, electric violinist and singer Susan Aquila.

Career Highlights

  • Aquila gained recognition as a member of various bands and orchestras, but she truly shines when she steps into the spotlight as a solo artist.
  • Her debut album, “Broken Angel,” has garnered attention and acclaim. This incendiary artist continues to break barriers and redefine musical boundaries.

She gained recognition as a member of the band Symphony of Sound, where her fusion of rock and classical influences set her apart.

Goddess of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Queen of the Electric Violin

After performing with Miss Diana Ross at Radio City Music Hall, Susan Aquila is now pursuing a solo career in the Rock World. She has done several national tours and shared the stage with prominent Rock artists like Lita Ford, Tantric and Soil. Her performances from Maine to Florida have been electrifying and captivating.

Stepping out on her own, Susan released her debut album titled “Broken Angel”. This album has garnered attention in both pop and classical genres.

Goddess of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Queen of the Electric Violin

She combines metal, rock, punk and classical music in her songs. Jazzerzine Magazine’s Ryan Martin says, “She sets Rock on fire with her explosive electric violin solos, which are as amazing as Van Halen’s Eruption! She plays the electric violin like Jimi Hendrix and sings with a soulful and lively voice.”

The Electric Violin

  • Aquila’s weapon of choice is the Viper Six String Electric Violin. With this instrument, she weaves intricate melodies, infusing rock energy into classical compositions.
  • Her performances are electrifying, leaving audiences in awe of her talent and stage presence.

Exploring different sounds and timbres has allowed me to open up and be more expressive in ways I could not have imagined previously. Owning a Viper has been a win-win situation. Great sound and better technique!

Legacy and Impact:

  • As the Goddess of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Susan Aquila inspires fellow musicians and fans alike. Her dedication to pushing artistic boundaries sets her apart.
  • Whether she’s shredding on her violin or belting out powerful vocals, Aquila’s passion for music is palpable

Goddess of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Queen of the Electric Violin

Rock Cellar Magazine’s Michael Mascioni describes Susan Aquila as a blend of Blondie’s artistry and Janis’ raw power. He writes, “She’s rocking the world with her solo debut, after playing as a supporting musician for others…. Aquila’s violin skills are like a stormy wind. She plays with passion and intensity, switching from rock to classical with ease and flair. She’s a dynamic performer with a lively personality…. (She delivers) explosive shows full of stunning violin tricks. Her voice has a lot of texture and edge, similar to Joan Jett and Pat Benatar at times”.

Susan Aquila has a new Holiday song for New York’s children. It’s called “(I Wanna Make It With) Santa Claus” and it’s a cheerful pop rock song with witty lyrics and a rock edge. It’s a fresh alternative to “Santa Baby” and Mariah Carey. Ms. Aquila also wants to spread the joy of music and generosity. She will donate the earnings from this song to children’s charities in NYC.

Ms. Aquila is not only a rock violinist, but also a classical performer. She has traveled around the world as a solo and chamber musician. She won the Maccabaeus Mutual Life Young Artist Competition and played recitals at The White House for Presidents Bush and Clinton. She has performed on famous stages such as Carnegie Hall, David Geffen Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall. She has also been on Broadway shows like The Lion King, Wicked, Annie Get Your Gun and Amazing Grace. She has been featured on TV shows such as The View, Good Morning America, the Today Show and Live with Kelly.

Van Halen’s ” ERUPTION” Susan Aquila – Electric Violin

A tune from my very first Instrumental Album called Bombay Express made to Vibrant Jazz Instrumental Playlist on Spotify. It’s nice to see an old tune getting some love. Check it out:…

Lou Gimenez putting down some beautiful nylon string guitar with a classic Latin flare @TheMusicLab. The songs I’m writing are a Major departure but that’s where my heart is taking me, and I Love It!! Can’t wait to share!!

Susan Aquila


5 of my songs have been on the Radio in 4 Countries during the last 2 Weeks!!

Shocked to see some of my ‘Oldies’ from my 3rd Album still being played!!

5 tracks in Rotation at the same time!! So excited!!

JANUARY 10 2024

Beautiful Night with Andrea Bocelli!

A View from the Stage… XL Arena, Hartford CT.

Crazy fun playing for Andrea Bocelli for an audience of 21,000 people! Good times making music with my friends and colleagues.

Classical and rock violinist + lead vocalist
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