Dads on Duty

Dads on Duty

SHREVEPORT, La- At Southwood High School, a group of dads came together to help keep their kids’ school safe. They call themselves Dads on Duty, and after a breakout in violence at the school over the past month, the dads are a welcome presence.

Over the past few weeks close to two dozen students were arrested for fighting on two separate occasions. In one incident a student was even accused of battery after punching an assistant principal. 

Dads on Duty

These Dads on Duty see this as an opportunity to set an example and show the community how much they love the school.

The dads walk the halls in the morning, joke around with the students and make sure they get to class on time. 

Principal Kim Pendleton says that the students love

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Having the dads around. Many of the dads are people they go to church with or live down the street from. Pendleton hopes even more parents can get involved.

Anyone looking to join the ranks of the Dads on Duty can go to their Facebook page, Southwood High School Dads on Duty.  

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