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Rock Venus music artist from a country in west Africa, GHANA…. Ghana, is a country along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, in the subregion of West Africa, Population: 30.42 million as of 2019.

MAN NO BE JAH | Rock Venus

ROCK VENUS great energy, has no problem catching attention of an audience while performing his songs. Since the age of 9 years Venus has been on his own in Ghana, on a journey of hustling through hardships and Poverty. I Am the anthem on the streets | says Rock Venus | and many youths keeps talking about my abilities ” Rock Venus ” stated.

Seeing that he has a God gifted talent Rock Venus started pointing his focus towards the music industry taking the United States by storm to become successful in the music industry to help individual’s in Ghana live a better live while showing the youth their is hope.

ALL IS FOR YOU | Rock Venus

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They never try put me on the line, but am forcing myself on keeping it real on the grind.. Money I dey find , all the time on my mind. Somebody build me recording studio ?️ and see the real Rock that I mean. Am soo hard to Crack , so proud to be black. ROCK VENUS down to earth making the universe paradise to live.. Am the heaven on earth ? let’s keep on the trend . . ? ( Just some little Freestyle )

Everything has an expiration date and the time has come for the struggle to be over for ROCK VENUS. I am very good in the field of Afro beat songs, Rap to Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae Music with a touch of singing. Venus finds it very easy to ride on any instrumental Beat with much confidence and energy and that makes him happy to be a Musician ( Rock Venus ). .

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