Dog the Bounty Hunter was reportedly served with a $1.3 million lawsuit accusing him of “racist and homophobic behavior” during his search for Brian Laundrie in Florida.

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The Sun published what it says is a photograph of the reality TV star receiving the court documents in which he is accused of breach of contract in connection with his canceled show “Dog Unleashed.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, is also being sued for defamation by Unleashed Entertainment CEO Michael Donovan.

The 68-year-old — whose real name is Duane Chapman — was allegedly fired from the show after racist outbursts and using an illegal Taser to intimidate his way into someone’s home during a shoot in Virginia, according to the Sun, which cited the suit.

Chapman, who also was accused of using homophobic language, has strongly denied the accusations, according to the outlet.

“Dog Unleashed” was canceled before it even aired over racist and homophobic comments the star made “as well as illegal activity during filming,” producers wrote earlier this year in a statement.

Dog The Bounty Hunter received court documents in which he was accused of breaching his television show contract.
Dog The Bounty Hunter received court documents in which he was accused of breaching his television show contract.Duane Dog Chapman/Instagram

The reality hunter’s daughter Bonnie Chapman has accused him of racism and homophobia as well as cheating on her late mom, Beth. Another daughter, Cecily Chapman, has dismissed his high-profile search for Laundrie — the late Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend — as a “publicity stunt.”

Chapman has told Page Six, “Sadly, Bonnie and Cecily have been employed by disgruntled former associates with multiple felonies who want revenge at any cost and are attempting to tarnish my reputation.”

Unleashed Entertainment chief Michael Donovan has said in a statement that “Dog Unleashed” was canceled because of “actions taken by Mr. Chapman during the show’s production that breach contractual agreements,” according to the Sun.

The outlet reported that Donovan is suing Chapman for defamation.

“Defendant is a disgraced reality TV star who was fired by Plaintiff after his company discovered that the Defendant had used racial epithets to attack Black teenage Black Lives Matter Activists,” state court papers filed Oct. 5 and obtained by the outlet. It was not immediately known where the suit was filed.

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